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Wind Loading:

U glass is used in many external project applications such as stair towers or rooftop plant rooms and it has very good capabilities in coping with wind-loading requirements. However, each project generally requires its own design calculations, which are based on a number of criteria including: size of panel(s); location of panel(s); location of building; and each project needs to be underwritten by a qualified structural engineer.

Long horizontal spans do not pose a problem with wind loadings for U glass. The wind load is predominately calculated on the height or length of the glass and how much the blade will flex.

Restraint for U glass is provided by the perimeter framing, unless using wind anchors, which protrude between the glass blades.


Project example: Panel size – 4.6m long x 2.25m high, over floors has been designed to achieve a minimum of 1.5Kn, per m2.

For specific details, contact our U glass technology projects team to discuss the design parameters required to achieve specification compliance.