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Water resistance:

U glass is a glazing system that is fully waterproofed using external grade glazing silicone in the joints between the U glass planks, between/in the perimeter aluminum U channel framing and up to the aperture. The correct grade of silicone will be supplied as part of the U glass system, but for the purpose of specification, a high quality, low modulus silicon is recommended from Dow Corning or similar.

The uniquely designed and manufactured U Glass Technology (thermally broken) perimeter U channel is produced with drainage slots. In the event of vandalism or failure, leading to water being able to penetrate the outer blade or silicone joint; the water would drain from the bottom of the panel to reduce leaking internally.

The channel finish can be anodised or powder coated to any RAL colour.

uglass 123 uglass 503

uglass 263 uglass 310


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