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U Value

U-value is used to express and calculate the amount of heat loss through structural elements, measured in watts per square metre. It forms part of everyday specification and construction under building regulations, especially as environmental rules become more stringent to make buildings more energy efficient, residential or commercial.

In the context of passive solar building design, the aim is to maximise solar gain within the building in the winter (to reduce space heating demand), and to control it in summer (to minimise cooling requirements).

Solar heat gain or passive solar gain refers to the increase in temperature in a space, or structure that results from solar radiation. The amount of solar gain increases with the strength of the sun, and with the ability of any intervening material to transmit or resist the radiation.

TIMax GL is a translucent glass fiber insulation material, which enhances the heat insulation (Uvalue) of U-profiled glass facade systems. It scatters
incoming light nicely and fills the space between the double glazing unit completely.

TIMax GL additionally offers sun protection, because it reduces solar heat penetrating the window in the summer.

uglass 23

TIMax GL is both, translucent and light scattering. Due to the effect of scattering light, even deep rooms can be illuminated evenly, without blending and shading.

TIMax GL is UV-stable, temperature resistant up to 100°C and insensitive against humidity. It is easy to install.

Technical data TIMax GL
Light transmission and heat insulation for TIMax GL insulation inlet for double glazed U-profiled glass

light transmission: 0,39
Ug-value [W/m2K]: 1,40
g-value direct: 0,43
noise red. Rw [dB]: 44

uglass 8

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