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Procurement of U glass:

When incorporating U glass within a project, the connection and restraint to aperture is based on two principles:

  • At the head and down both jambs, the glass is located into an aluminium U channel and is held in place by a special ‘W’ vinyl extruded spacer. This secures the glass as well as stopping the wings touching the opposite blade.
  • Glass and metal should never be in direct contact. They should always have a separator, between both materials, due to different tolerances in expansion and contraction.

uglass 23 uglass 102

At the base of the perimeter frame another aluminium U profile channel extrusion is used for double glazed.

Channels are best specified, square cut and butt jointed, and can be powder coated to order in any specific Ral colour.

Cill profiles are reviewed and procured on a project by project basis and the size can be fabricated to suit the project requirements.