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Installation of U glass:

U glass is installed by specialist contractors, using a shuffle glazing technique and can be arranged by U Glass Technology. Please contact our projects department for assistance.

After ensuring the aperture is correctly prepared, square and perpendicular, the thermally broken frame is installed with a neoprene separator between the frame and substrate.

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Two types of U channel are used to create the frame. The deeper U profile is used across the head and down both jambs, the junctions are square cut and butt jointed. The U glass is seated into a vinyl extrusion that acts as a locator, spacer and separator (glass should never be in direct contact with metal due to different expansion and contraction rates).

The base channel has drainage slots machined in to the base and side wall so that in the event of vandalism or breakage and water penetrating the outer skin, the water would drain out, not inside the building (double glazed only).

uglass 44 uglass 49

The base profile also has a vinyl spacer to locate the glass blades.

U Glass Technology aluminium U channels are thermally broken, therefore U value performance is not an issue.

Various packers and impact gaskets are also used dependent on the nature of the project.

Once all the U glass blades are installed, all the joints are mastic pointed using a low modulus glazing silicone.

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For design assistance, loading calculations, auto cad connection DWGs and installation estimates, please contact us.

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