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Impact resistance:

Impact resistance for U glass is measured in numerous ways. This is dependent on which BS or test standard is applicable to the project, based on: building purpose (i.e. school, office or residential);  panel location (i.e. corridor partition compared to an externally glazed partition); or in relationship to floor level or public spaces.

U glass impact resistance data is available upon request by contacting us.

U glass with wires performs like safety glass and if broken by severe force, shards will break between the wires (approximate distance 25mm). Wires also assist in holding glass shards in place.

U glass blades can also be lined on the inside with a self adhesive backed 3M (translucent) film, so that in the event of high velocity impact and breakage, the pieces/shards remain stable and adhered to the film, until the blade can be replaced.

Project example: An external panel size – 4.6m long x 2.25m high, communal stair core over 4 floors, in a multi-occupancy residential 1B apartment dwelling, with no balustrade to BS6399 part 1, would require designed loads to achieve:

  1. UDL of 0.74kN/m2
  2. infill UDL of 1.0
  3. concentrated load of 0.5.

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