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What is U glass ?

U glass is a U shaped cast glass. Cast in sheet form whilst still molten, it is rolled and the side wings are formed to create a U shaped profile. It is commonly referred to as ‘channel glass’ and each individual length ‘a blade’.

U glass was established in the 1980s. It can be used internally and externally and is a very popular glazing solution selected by architects because of its unique, aesthetic characteristics. U glass can be used in straight and curved applications and the channels can be fixed horizontally or vertically. The blades can be installed single or double glazed.

One of the main benefits to architects is that U glass is available in varying dimensions, up to a maximum of 6 metre lengths, and is designed to be cut to size. The nature of how U glass is connected and secured to the perimeter frames means that by fitting the blades vertically, long U glass facades can be achieved without the need to break the design with (visible) intermediate supports.

U glass is sealed using translucent silicon, therefore creating a seamless all glass, clear look.
U glass is available in different clear glass tints – green tint or extra clear tint, with or without wires, and comes in a variety of colours.